electronic key detacher for inVue tags 2023

 COST:   175 + cost delivery

This is our unique development; there are no other methods or devices, apart from the original keys, to unlock these tags without causing physical damage to the tags.

Compatible with sensors for electronic locks such as:
- spider wraps;
- cable lock sensors;
- safer cases (boxes, bins);
- bottle locks;
- inVue Zips for Laptop Displays.
(see the photo)

- compact and inconspicuous during searches, resembling an ordinary flash drive or WiFi adapter;
- lacks any buttons and operates automatically upon connection;
- attempts to activate sensors occur every 4-5 seconds, with an integrated LED indicating the moment of device activation;
- automatically shuts down after 10 activations to protect your devices from draining if you forget to disconnect it.

- requires no maintenance or replacement;
- works from any USB, for example PowerBank;
- powered by the USB ports of any of our jamming devices;
- capable of functioning through a USB-OTG adapter from smartphones that support fast charging (over 25W).

For a simple and detailed explanation of the OTG adapter, visit:




!!! NOT compatible with slide-open showcase Cabinet locks that use a different signal analysis method.
At the moment, a solution is being developed, but these are still highly complex technologies, and we cannot promise to achieve the result in the near future.