I have a dream that every person who comes to me appreciates that no one is engaged in any real development of technologies for you except me and my team, which I have put together. 


A small part of this information is in the instruction for jammers in the chapter “The Preamble on Jammers in 2018”, but there is only a shallow description without demonstrating the progress “from the very beginning till now”:



Information about the first jammers appeared around 2005-2007 when some amateur electronics engineer created an elementary noise generator at the same frequency at which the anti-theft gate analyzes the signal; but in those days the Internet was not so full of places for communication on the subject of shoplifting and the creator remained unknown to us. Therefore, that moment remains in the legends, but many years after its creation, because of relations with hundreds of people around the planet, one of the first jammers of 58 kHz appeared in my hands. This is a simple black box powered by a 9-volt battery with the simplest solutions, a non-optimized antenna and without complex electronic components. Very weak, but probably effective when interacting with the first AM anti-theft systems:



Around 2008-2009, there was also information about a similar jammer in another case from Poland; it was also a very weak 58kHz generator with an external toggle switcher. At the same time, this device implements both AM and RF, but having such a device in my hands, the RF power is negligible. According to reviews, they tried to use it working with AM gates, but there were constant complaints about the lack of power and a number of gates that responded to it:




A few years later, a developer from Bulgaria made a public appearance; as he told me during our conversations via Skype, before retiring, he used to be an employee at one of the anti-theft companies and after retiring he developed the only device as a hobby; in my opinion, it had been the only worthy device for all the years... It had enough power for 58 kHz; the maximum range was 8.2 MHz using an external antenna... However, the wrong algorithms, low optimization of the components, physical configuration and high energy consumption made this device far from perfect for use by professionals ... No, I am not saying that it was impossible to work with it, I bought it myself for 1,100 euros in 2010: it paid off, but there were constant problems that did not suit me. There was always fear that equipment would be seized in the event of a capture and then it would cause additional troubles. In the end, I decided to part with it in 2012. Why? I will continue.



In the period of 2010-2012, I was trying several more home-made devices made exclusively for making money and for nothing more; they had minimal power, maximum ease of performance and were just shit that was dangerous to work with. Therefore, they fell into my hands, by then I had already sold some of my goods on the Internet and clients sent me this garbage for exchange, since I always dreamed of seeing something fundamentally new and smart in these devices, something I had not yet invented . Therefore, my collection was getting bigger and I was hunting for ideas. 


In 2011, there appeared a manufacturer under the nickname Danko at one of the forums, where I was selling my equipment (puller attachments and shielding fabric); he began selling an AM jammer of the simplest technology for $ 200. When I saw a Russian developer with whom I could easily communicate and interact, I began to support him and help him in his sales and testing new ideas (at that time I assumed that he was a developer), and since at that time I was actively picking up goods from stores, I was the best tester possible. But after a year of absence of any progress, I was getting disappointed in his possibilities and after some time I found out that he was not really a developer, he received information from the Belarusian developer of car code grabbers and did not understand anything in these technologies. Here is his best device for that period; it was a homemade thing to put in a pack of cigarettes:




Having communicated with my clients, I got to know about the existence of a developer from the city of Yaroslavl, it was 200 km from me, and I began to look for the contacts. And I found him; that developer stated that he was able to create a 2-in-1 device for AM and EM gates... I bought a similar device through an intermediary (unfortunately, the photo was not saved), and I was very disappointed, because EM gates were jammed damnably and it was dangerous, and a AM gate was jammed only partially, but close to normal at that time. The device worked on the battery not long and weakly, so I applied some simple knowledge from my past, remade the device for batteries, and thereby strengthened it, but I did not need it and I sold it on the same forum where I was selling my products. Being aware of this and feeling that something went wrong, Danko got angry with me and publicly accused me of stealing his technology and competition, organized hunting on the forum, as a result of which I left that forum forever.


This was a key moment in the history of the development of jammers; if they had not expelled me, I would not have acted on my own in the future, and I would have continued to wait for a wonderful inventor...


 Many of my contacts were broken due to blocking on the forum, the place of sale of equipment was destroyed, 20 pages of reviews were deleted, and my friends and I needed jammers, and the demand from other buyers of my equipment for jammers still existed by inertia and the principle of word of mouth. But I could not send them to the person who had accused me of such actions. I created my site, without a forum, just with a list of products and engaged actively in the independent creation of a jammer that was supposed to be no worse than all existing ones... For several weeks I was collecting all my knowledge, contacting people from the technical university in which I used to study, talking with a teacher and a former supervisor. It was difficult to dispose these people for such interaction, but I did it, and the work gradually continued. After 2 months, I managed to provide my customers with much better equipment than the one clients were able to buy. This device was not better yet than the 2-in-1 device from the Bulgarian due to the lack of the RF range, but no worse in other parameters taking into account the operation only in the AM range and the price of $300, not €1,100. I personally did not bother about RF systems in those years since we had a shielding fabric and it solved most of the problems.



Then we began to improve technical features, look for better working algorithms in order to increase stability since gates do not always respond adequately to the simplest jamming methods and there gradually appeared such gates that easily adapted to the noise of elementary jammers. Then I will get off the topic to such a moment that a gate is not an ideal technical rival. In fact, the first gate was vulnerable to such an extent that it rebooted from wrong actions, froze or simply broke and had to be repaired later; and that all gave too much attention to the person who was close to it at that moment. Over time, manufacturers improved the stability of its survival, but could not fix glitches because they did not even know about them and could not investigate in the laboratory; there were not so frequent complaints about thefts with jammers and manufacturers were indifferent in the first years of existence of jammers. 


By the end of 2012, I had been selling devices with various disguises, with increased power and improved stability. These were flashlights, pressure measuring instruments, and even portable hard drives. All for safety and convenience. The most popular model in Russia was a dog repeller, and in Europe and the USA - a portable hard drive. I created devices without a case for myself, so they were as compact as possible. I did not care how it looked as the main thing was efficiency.





At the same time, having fallen out of my attention in one of the cities of Russia, or rather on one of the Internet forums, a new manufacturer of AM and RF jammers appeared with incredible technologies due to his description, these were simple black boxes with a switch. A lot of promises about stability, a lot of chatter, funny home videos with the simplest gates... As it turned out later, these were the same technologies as Danko had previously received from the Belarusian developer; but now it was made in a different box. Danko himself had not created anything new by that time. 

The technologies did not stand up under any criticism, but the exclusive control over reviews on the forum did not give criticism a chance to break through censorship, and as a result, this person sold and sold his garbage. 


After another 2 years, he took my idea of disguising in a power bank, but actually, he could not create at least some kind of control system and correct switching of modes, since he was not the original developer. After another 2 years, he left this market and sold these technologies to another “new manufacturer” from Russia who also began to promise miracles, but all he could do was using my idea of vibration indication for the operation of the device. The real efficiency had not changed, nor the antennas used inside the devices (instead of the antenna for a RF jammer they used an RF sensor, which was originally invented only for signal reception, and not for radiating). I did not see any progress from these wonderful people, it made me happy and sad, I dreamed for a long time about a competitor who would come up with something conceptually new and of high quality.;


As a result, the third generation of technology sellers in 2011 ceased to exist in March 2020 by deceiving one of their customers. The seller shoplifter001 received 1,000 euros and disappeared. What is unique about all these sellers and all my competitors, they are always afraid to contact directly with customers, none of them was a shoplifter and none of them understood how it was to risk their freedom and fate. That is why such sellers sell devices for the quality of which they do not want to be responsible. We are only a source of money for them.


However, around 2014, one small miracle happened; the developer from Yaroslavl returned to business for a while and managed to make a unique AM jammer disguised as an Iphone4 imitation. It was a breath of hope for me, I began to search him again, but he disappeared again and I could only find information that it was an employee at one of the major engineering companies for the development of computer electronics, for whom it was a temporary hobby for the sake of one of his friends. Having got a wonderful iPhone and comparing it in working with my devices, we got somewhat upset... The power was negligible due to the format and size of the antenna, whose algorithms were 7 and almost all were useless, but it was a good job and I keep it in my museum. As the whole history has shown, during real testing the legends most often turn out to be just legends and attempts to create the illusion of superiority. 


What have we achieved since 2012? 


By 2015, all my devices had been sold with disguises, they became compact and stable, but I still didn’t sell RF jammers publicly, since their reliability was limited and did not exceed the parameters required by me, I sold them only to my close friends with detailed instructions.;


We studied new gates with built-in metal detectors (gates that appeared did not yield to simple methods) and created several algorithms for special jamming and violation of the logic of a gate. 


In 2016, we switched to a new type of processors and began to introduce smart jamming control systems, came up with a system for blocking and vibration indicating for the operation of devices. After that, all the devices we’d made were sold only in POWERBANK disguise. In fact, in 2016, we decided to reinvent the methods of jamming and the technical part every year, to create them from scratch taking into account new skills, knowledge and experience. All that gave a boost to the development of jamming of RF systems. As a result, in 2018, I started selling an RF jammer of which I could be proud and then not be afraid to lose my reputation as a result of sales. A year later, we were able to improve it again and create a 2-in-1 device that was significantly better than I could have dreamed even in 2015.

To boost the development and prototyping of devices, we mastered the CNC technology of our own assembly; a high precision machine creates ideal wired-circuit boards for assembling circuitry. “Specialists” might say that it is necessary to produce boards at the factory, but this is a significant evil, it limits the operational introduction of new knowledge into devices and the use of a previously produced batch of boards. Therefore, we decided to abandon the production of jammers in large quantities, but you always have a guaranteed opportunity to receive the most modern technology. This machine was assembled by our hands on money from sales and it gave incredible opportunities in future experiments, for which we thank first of all those who came to us:



We gained fundamental knowledge at the time of a comprehensive study of the operation of antennas at these frequencies. We assume that now we are more aware of the physics of the characteristics of emitters even than anti-theft companies. Our emitters in AM jammers are conceptually different from all competitor devices, since an AM antenna on ferrite creates a too uneven radiating field, and we switched to high-quality winding technology for loop antennas:

While developing RF jammers, we learned that the creators of modern RF anti-theft systems began using tag detection technologies similar to AM gates and it resulted in breakthrough solutions to jamming problems of some RF systems. By 2020, knowing a good deal we can say for sure that we are not afraid of any “competition” ... Even if we give all our schemes and programs into the wrong hands, they will not be able to repeat them and create a workable copy, everything has gone too far and it has become very very complex.



And what had happened in the world of my "competitors" by 2018, oh, 2020 already? Nothing))) Absolutely nothing. No one has invented anything, no one has started selling something conceptually new or at least something; in my opinion, I am completely alone. No one could even defeat CROSSPOINT systems at least a little, no one could cope with Synergy technologies or create an RF jammer with the power that would allow to defeat Chinese RF systems.


As we got to know in 2014, the Bulgarian sold all his technologies to Germany first, and sometime after that the Germans sold all to Croatia http://easblocker.com 
What are the Croats doing now? They tried to improve it, but only made it worse. They hid the external antenna inward, thereby reducing the radius, which was the only plus of this device. Now this is a dangerous obsolete device in all respects, unable to defeat modern systems, a device with a toggle switcher and light bulbs recognizable by almost any security guard in Europe, since for too many years it has been googled on the Internet with photos. They have reduced prices significantly, but they still remain in the deep past.


At the end of 2021, these fraudsters decided to try again to make money by deceiving their customers on a new website:http://easblockers.com 

1. they showed synergy in mono version, in their premises, not in the store and at a very short distance. In this case, the gate can be adjusted to standard settings and it will be jammed at a short distance even by ancient old jammers. scammers.

2. Thank them for showing the insides of their device, pay attention to the antennas, there are 2 of them, but they declare that this miracle device suppresses EVERYTHING: AM RF EM RFID.


3. They chose the shittest type of power bank, it will never show you the real battery level.


4. The quality of the schoolchild's level circuitry:

- the converter (amplifier) ​​used an aliexpress bought for $ 3, this is complete crap (a module with a blue component).
- the on-off mechanism is implemented by using a dry mechanical relay.
- the antenna of the RF system is not effective, but rather is an imitation to emit a weak signal, since this circuitry is no longer capable of this due to the lack of power components.

All this suggests that these creators of the miracle of devices do not know how to program and write banal programs for reading the state of the button.

they did some shit again.


In 2015-2016, one of the users of the copper-bit made an interesting device in the radio; it was almost working, but the circuitry looked like a complete hardcore, as if it were done at the dawn of the beginning of the world of electronic circuit boards using terrible tools.



One of the Poles is also trying quietly to sell an imitation of a 2-in-1 jammer (see the beginning), the other one has guessed recently to hide the same 2-in-1 device in a powerbank, but could not create a powerful converter and a power assist and it makes even a bigger fake than a jammer in a home demonstration with some kind of junk whose power is reduced to a minimum:

I remind you that they are all anonymous, no one will give their location or name, we only know the approximate addresses and characteristics of sellers from the offended buyers.


For a very long time the seller from the site Testjammers (https://www.testjammers.com) was selling some devices then others; now again, he has returned to the resale of the Super Multi jammer of 2010... But in the end, he even sold fake jammers from China, you only Imagine how insolent sellers can be on so-called serious sites:


Declare about wonderful properties, get money from a buyer, pay a Chinese for a fake device worth 10 times less, and then you get a package not from Europe where you’ve sent the money, but FROM CHINA ... As a result, this device generates a very weak signal at a frequency of 58 kHz, and does not work at a frequency of 8.2 MHz at all... and the seller does not refund you. No way. Failure. 

Here is such a wonderful box, which can do anything, according to the Chinese)))


It’s a miracle to suppress all frequencies at once using a microaccumulator and only one antenna for emitting an AM signal of microscopic power. And by enclosing an RF tag to this antenna, by pushing a protrusion from the locks into the hole, the Chinese man showed that it also jammed RF (this works due to the physics of the RF sensor, you already know about shielding). 

The Chinese man sells it for $180... https://www.dhgate.com/product/supermarket-eas-anti-alarm-generator/387597006.html

There is only one review, but it corresponds to reality.


It’s so bad for all those who get this money for equipment by labor and risk, and then buying this shit from such hucksters they simply lose money.



That's all that has happened in recent years. And now we continue to work, experiment and invest a substantial % of sales in our experiments and real developments.

But for our efforts, no one would have believed in efficient jammers by now, and the possibilities of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances would have been significantly lower. Thanks to your support, we have not abandoned sometimes seemingly unattainable goals, we have completed the stage and now we are going to solve new, more and more complex problems creating your new opportunities.


We are 7 people from Russia, the city of Vologda, we are always completely open for communication and we are always available.