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“On our guarantees reliability of transactions”



The following text was written at the beginning of 2013th, much of it is actual and carries the essence what was happening before. Now as the same, there are envious and periodically flare up attempts of unfair competition, so this post should stay for the future:

As there is a small informational inapprehension between me and a few people who strongly hesitated about my decency and reliability I’ve decided to spend the time and compared all the material about me and my ‘job’ in one place.

Soon I’ll post here all the information I can, including my personal mistakes (I do remember each of them) by delaying of parcels with a detailed elucidation, successes, and speak a little about the situations when “you do your best for others”.


Here is my employment location, a part of a laboratory, where all the labor experiments occur.:


Let’s start with the easiest one. Here is the last photo of checks for the period from 12.2011 to 12.2012 … I have no desire to count all of them.:


Despite the countless number of checks, there is no archive and thus information about my customers.

I do not keep the data about: when, to whom and for what the staff was shipped.

I store only checks for tracking the movement of sending and receiving customer goods.

not see any reason to photograph documents for 2013 and 2014. them much more.


Well, I think you want to publish something basic and important…

that the man who sells anything, must have the goods in stock:



There are many more similar photos for all the years of activity. you can easily find them in google if you write in the search query the name of this place is "bombastershop"



Responses: What people write somewhere about me and any pretensions to me.


I think it’s important to understand how normal interaction between the seller and the customer should happen (if each of them are adequate people).


If the buyer has any claims to the quality of the product and its characteristics which haven’t been specified previously, then the first person who the customer may apply his pretensions is the seller. And the seller begins to look for opportunities to resolve the situation. But only in the case that the seller is properly informed.


In the case when the seller is not informed that the customer is not satisfied with something, the seller doesn’t take any action. Responses consisting of obscene language addressed not to me can’t be taken seriously. Therefore, in that case the seller doesn’t have to resolve the situation if he is not informed personally.


Although this situation can occur because of my permanent busyness:


orders, development, testing, packaging, manufacturing orders, going to banks to receive transfers from abroad, buying, communication (being in the Internet, I have more than 2 conversations at the same time) and daily routine (for instance, family life)..


But my permanent busyness can be the reason of delivery or quality troubles for the miserable percentage of orders. This orders make up less than 1 out of 100. So there is really a small number of the dissatisfied compared with the total number of customers for the reasons described above. Or more often customer’s dissatisfaction is the result of overrated expectations about which the seller is trying every time to remind.


A gift from a grateful person:


So if the client wants to receive the goods and behaves himself like an ADEQUATE CLIENT…all the problems will be solved in the least possible time and with maximum results.


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