SuperTag Sensormatic Hook Detacher Key

In the package to the hook, I attach the SuperTag cut in half, so that you can see the lock mechanism inside the supertag and the process of opening the lock. This helps to quickly open SuperTag in the store.

Why are our hooks more expensive than Aliexpress?
1. we do not strive to sell more, and selling hooks for $ 5 we would be wasting time, but we spend this time doing more useful tasks that the Chinese for you will never even think about starting to do.
2. Our hooks have a voluminous handle, which allows you to more accurately guide at the time of use and cut your fingers with sharp corners less!
3. In some cases, our delivery is faster or it is more convenient for customers who do not want to order this product on marketplaces.
4. and also just to support us! We do not collect donations, we do not ask for gratitude for the information on the site or the video on YouTube.



cost: $15 + cost shipping



Original and Chinese often burst and break, as made of a brittle metal.
My made ​​and machined on a lathe, from a good strong steel.






The hook does not open the tags with magnetic type locks (for which the detacher №1-2-3, Alpha S3, DLS are intended), as The SuperTag mechanism is pure mechanics in the form of a bending metal plate that compresses the needle inside the tag. And in tags with a magnetic type of lock, the situation is completely different.